Memoji of my face

Hi, I’m Jaime, but my nerdy buddies call me devve and so can you. I am a software engineer with passion for good design. I currently live in Madrid, freelancer for Univention and other clients while studying. I have helped build startups from the ground up, such as MOVO (finally part of Cabify) and Wannalisn.

I love FOSS (free open-source software). Btw, I use Debian 😉.


  • Telecommunication Engineering student [at] Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Major in Telematics.

  • Statistical-Computational Processing of Information student [at] Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


In my free time, I like to play guitar, shoot film photography and play some sports. I also love motorcycles, and I am a happy owner of one of these happiness devices.

Fun facts

  • My memory is really bad.
  • I also have two other happiness devices, but they are cats.
  • I can’t draw.
  • I don’t like justified text.
  • My sister can’t tell wether I am joking or not.
  • I like uncomfortable situations.

I am curious about everything. Drop me a line if I can be helpful.